Guide to changing a belt on dyson – DC01,DC04, DC07,DC14 -non brush control models only

  • Turn power off and unplug the machine.
  • Please allow the machine to cool down before carrying out this procedure.
  • Remove the broken belt and any belt debris in the brush housing.
  • Check that the metal spindle is clean.
  • Remove the brushbar from the housing.
  • Loop the belt around the brushbar and feed through the channel in the brush housing.
  • Refit the brushbar and make sure the end caps are correctly in place
  • Loop the belt around your thumb.
  • Using the back of the cleaner as a lever, stretch the belt over the motor spindle and release.
  • Ensure that the belt is free of twists.
  • Important: Rotate the brushbar several times to centralise belt onto the motor spindle.
  • The three soleplate tabs need to be located inside the bumper strip before the soleplate can be pivoted into position.
  • Replace the soleplate and fasten the three soleplate fasteners with a coin
  • Make sure the soleplate is fitted flush against the brush housing.

Genuine replacement belts are available for the above models



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